Baby Veronica

September 26, 2011 in Newborn, Slide

This was not an ordinary newborn session.  Little Veronica was born at just 24 weeks.  Her story is awe-inspiring to say the least.  When her parents went into the hospital, about 5 days before she was born, the nurses asked the parents if they should resuscitate her or not when she was born.  When I heard that part of the story, my heart skipped a beat or two.  Writing it brings tears to my eyes. I cannot even imagine having to hear, let alone answer such a question.  Veronica has done amazingly well.  I think she is a testament to her parents faith and prayers. I cannot do her story justice so you can read more about her and her fabulous parents and family here.

One thing that I loved about taking these photos was seeing pictures of her siblings in the house and Veronica looks just like them.  Her first pictures taken in the NICU had lots of tubes and breathing assistance so it was kind of hard to tell but by the time she reached 40 or so weeks gestational age, she looks like one of the gang.

Go, Veronica, go!!

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